There is only one path to this that works, completely. The sweet presence of Jesus, Prince of Peace. In all of human history there is only one person who has been able to make one day for world peace. That day is his birth. Christmas Day. I know the Olympic Games are amazing and they try to unite the world but only one day brings peace. Until He comes to rule in the thousand year reign there will not be peace on the earth for real. So for now enjoy Christmas day.


What ever you make of that day, however you celebrate it…the world has one day of peace. The One most persecuted and crucified gave the most to mankind. 


How are you doing? How do you feel? How do you view your life? The world? Do you have peace? He, Jesus, foretold of a time like we have right now before our eyes…wars and rumors of wars until the end; famine and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places; Christians doing what is right in the sight of All Mighty God being afflicted, hated and betrayed, lawlessness of many, sin abounding, deception of many. Odious and hideous acts against innocent children…do you see it? 


Are you still there or has your heart grown cold. In the midst of this the Lord also promised His Peace He would give us, it would never leave us and it would surpass all human understanding.


Got Peace? The only way to this is through our most Holy God. It happens when we submit to a right relationship with Him. It is not dependent on circumstance. It is not dependent on others. Only Him. In Matthew 24 the Lord says ‘do not be troubled’. When turmoil comes, He comes in like a flood raising a standard against the enemy of your soul. This season is possibly bittersweet for many. So much to consider, so much pain and loss, so much confusion, lack. A violent lack of trust may dominate your daily lives. Is there a way out without the world having to come to its end? Yes. 


Become acquainted with the King of Kings-Jesus. He will replace the hole and make you whole. Line up with ministries that teach peace, freedom in Christ, and that have tools for avoiding the pitfall of fear. In fact the Word declares in the storms of the worst of times…have NO FEAR>PEACE. In fact, you find that piece of information in the book of Revelation. Fear not. Revelation Chapter 1. It has taken some mental discipline to grasp this concept but it is much better than the alternative. Peace.


When you have that, you also begin to see the other blessings in your life. This Holiday Season, Praise the Lord for all He has done and for all of the good blessings in your life. Take great joy in knowing He will come again and Rule and Reign over Sin and Death. He will make it right for you. All you need to do is turn to Him…on Christmas Day (well that is the celebrated day) He came willingly. He endured the cross willingly.


Having the Prince of Peace in your life is also done, willingly.