In honor of Fathers Day I want to share a poem written for my dad when he went to heaven:

My Dad in living his life I saw so much victory
But at times he and I never much about that agreed
His life in his eyes sometimes wandered in the wrong
Because to him life seemed really hard and long
In the final analysis of this man
My dad was unconditionally loved, truly admired I was a fan
The ways in which he is missed still com on so strong
He could certainly make you mad
A moment later or so, well I was so so glad
That Tom Gerald Swoope was my dad.

He is not gone, simply he has moved on
I feel his presence in many ways
He looks in on us each and every day
But it will be wonderful for me
The day heaven opens and I get to see
My loving, encouraging and best in the world blessed daddy.

Dad you were a little too strong for your good
To work so hard, rise to the top, find the fun in life...then
To raise five girls and remain married to one woman for about a hundred years should
Have made you feel enough was done
But, not enough was who you were without fear
When that did not work out, you shed a tear
We all miss you very much
Hanging in there, like you taught us, to be tough.

Sometimes my dad no one could move
Every Christmas you were a Scrooge
Just another reason we all wish you were still here
Your grumpiness quite near
That is one thing mom could count on
As if being happy all day long were wrong
For a guy who told the best joke in the room
It is just between you and me Daddy
Determined to keep you cool
And not crack a smile
I knew you were very tender hearted
All the while

He loved his girls completely
All of us agree
When my dad spoke
It was intelligently
His grandchildren did so well
Because of course, my dad's skill

Where you are now should tell it all
That great and extraordinary men do
At times fall
Your instruction even still
To run your race and stand tall
For our Savior Jesus
He paid it all

Now seeing the Lord face to face
You understand His pure grace
That would have seen you through
The disappointing times you could not
Count on you
I have seen my dad in heaven
During a dream
He is having young
Dad your ultimate healing came
In a place there is no more pain
Where time no longer counts
And often there are shouts
Of praise and all His glory
In that crowd, you my dad, you stand out.