Faith is a house with many rooms. Plenty of room for doubt. Why? Doubt creeps in there and tests our faith…keeping it alive. Ever think about it this way? You might not even know what faith is until it is tested.

It will be…maybe you don’t have enough money, or your very ill, someone you know is in big trouble like a spouse or child, maybe your best friend and you don’t agree and can’t remedy things…maybe your loosing your job. 


Then, you will look for that room called faith, knock on the door and walk in. In my family history we seemed to live our lives too close to sin. Getting ‘dirty’ some call it.

God uses us in a might way anyway. I always wondered why. He uses whom He chooses. God does discipline those He loves and He called us out of darkness into His light. He was never impressed with us but He seems to take pleasure in this, when we seek Him, He shows up.

It does not take strength but weakness to allow Him in and have His way. Even when God seems indifferent to our situation-He is watching. If we are willing to go there…He will give us rest. Peace and rest are our ‘sign’ to continue our journey.

In the final analysis the big action in life is letting go and letting God. Faith can become substance. It is a solo act.

Only God can!

Only God.


I have learned that when you combine faith with the prayer of the righteous, it is like putting a key in a door…the door opens wide.

Helplessness is a terrible thing.

That is the greatest beauty of having God’s grace fresh every morning. His grace and our faith work together like good partners in business.

Ask God for what you need.

God does not mind helping.

Something that I hear repeatedly from those who survive a catastrophic incident is ‘don’t loose hope’


We serve a Today God. Now all we need is Now Faith to complete our package. He is everything in all circumstances.


Inspired by Alex Haiek.