My husband John saw the face of God…

We both see God and have a personal relationship with Him. We say this very humbly. Personally we can’t imagine a life without a higher power. Sometimes life just really stinks and it is good to know that God never did intend any of this and that He still has a plan. God does not want to elude us but show us He is real. 


Even when we know and love God no matter how much we do what is most important to Him is that we see Him-have a personal relationship with Him. I have had a ‘crisis of faith’ several times and had to cry out “Lord where are You?” “Do you even exist?” “Can you see what is happening?” “Can you help me?”


Those are serious times.


They do change, because God is real and the result is that again; I see God, feel God and hear God often. I have told Him at times it is too much and He hears me. I have asked for miracles at times and God alone was the only one capable of ‘fixing’ things. Like when a collector called me about a bill I had owed for quite some time and left me with these words…'now that I know what’s going on don’t worry about it, God bless you.’ That was so cool!


You know I saw this footage recently of a guy who had a near death experience and he said that when he found himself in heaven he found out that God and Jesus are two separate beings. So is the Holy Spirit a third and separate entity.


I think that is what I feel, the Holy Spirit,but He is God too. I see the Father God in creation everyday and the lives of others and the favor people show me for no reason at all. The Word confirms this in Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen”.


And, I do hear His voice-not all the time but I do, and when I listen is the key. And when I gave my life to Jesus-I knew beyond all doubt that I found the answer. What Jesus had to go through is the only thing that explains the pain we all endure and how to make it to a place where there are no more tears-heaven.


He is the one true Knight in Shining Armor for me. Without Him I would feel lost.


My husband saw God. One night upon waking up as a younger man my husband saw the massive face of God at the foot of his bed. Yea it scared him. But he knew then, while living in his lifestyle of a rocker-my husband knew then that God had a call on his life and one day he would take a stand for the living God.


What I really love about where my husband has been is he never judges anyone. He says that ‘my Bible says that anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus will be saved’. John is a doctorate of Divinity now but he continues to keep the message of Grace simple and it is there for everyone. John holds on to the fact that God does want to and can save anyone and everyone. The evidence for that is in the Word Romans 1:16 ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes’.


I was in the middle of a spreecast teaching from a powerful anointed prophet when a demon possessed visitor arrived and proclaimed that his loyalty lied with satan but then he demanded to know ‘where is God’, ‘where is He?’


Was he angry? Trying to freak us all out? Sincere? I’m not sure but it left a lasting impression. At first I wanted to flee then ask him to leave, then I knew that maybe this guy was here for help and we were the very ones who could.


Well, I can imagine most people want to see God. To think that this is all there is would be pretty tragic. Now this guy-he does not-he cannot see God. 


Because of his alliance-and by now he knows that satan is not God-although he was led to believe so for a time…he cannot serve the devil and see God.


That’s right-it may have been fun for a while but satan cannot satisfy your “G” spot. The God Spot. The place you hold for the living God. Nothing else will satisfy.


The devil is not God. So, float with him-the devil and you cannot see God. Not now, not ever. You see in Hebrews 3:10-11 God says that those who will not choose to know His ways will not enter His rest. That is to see Him move on your behalf. To see God. God loves us all so much but there are limits to what He can do and free will is all about you choosing.


That is your choice. That was this guys choice and he seemed desperate about it. Now here is the good news as always was, is and shall ever be…although he can not blame others for his choice he can change his mind and others can help free him from the bondage he is under and the oppression that is the reality of his life. 


Any child of God can do this. The words are to the demon “Go in the name of Jesus”. Does he,the most powerful fallen angel have power on this earth for a time? He does. It will end. And, in a place called the fourth heaven where the devil and his demons exist-they are militant in nature but there is no LOVE.


We, John and I believe that the Lord is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him...the Lord. If you have ever asked God to experience the love he has for you it will overwhelm you.


Submit yourself unto God. Resist the devil and he will flee. Then, and then it is certain you will see God. Yea, we are flesh and blood and have wanted things our way a thousand times. It is easier to have your will and way, then to yield to the will of God. It is quite the challenge to not force our will and take up his instead. 

            Sometimes it simply feels counterintuitive. But, I see God. I hear Him and I feel Him all time. I’m not so special.

Pretty much a broken person, but God uses broken people. When all is right with me and God-things look and feel different. I have help. I serve the Creator of all. I have an eternity of love to look forward to and I love-love. You?


We are either for Him or against Him. There are no other choices. Many think of who God is may be arguable but that is not what this is about. My God died for me to live. Did yours? Just saying, that is all.


We have to care more about what divine truth is then what people think. Because folks I see evil all the time and it sucks. It’s confusing, it hurts and it feels like death.


I would much rather see God.



Rebecca and John Tatum