Simple Grace


     Some days I forget...I forget that I have a mansion in heaven. Somewhere I call ‘home’. I will see my daddy face to face who went before me. My grandmother Annie who was my rock on earth when I was a girl. I will see and hug tightly all the others I so dearly miss like my dog Brittany whom I loved with wild abandon. She was my baby. I will never shed another tear or have a thought called fear. Nor will I worry again-ever.

I will have eternity to experience this ‘love’ of God and see the face of Jesus. Why do I deserve such a place?

Simple Grace.

                                     Right standing with God cannot be earned. It is given through grace. Through choosing salvation with Christ-nothing can come between us. Me and God. I am grateful.

Now, my faith is not always being used to get God to do something for me. He knows our needs. Faith tells us ‘it’ is already done. Some say ‘I am healthy’. Others ‘I am at peace’. One might say ‘my needs are met’. 

I think that through the riches of His grace is our established right standing in Christ and then we are able to earn a living, have purpose, and be provided a home, food and clothing. Good food. The right partner in life. Friends and a family we call our church family. They all help us and complete us. Because of the Cross…the work is done. Our portion through Christ is won. No turmoil, no pressure. In the natural order of things we get what we deserve. Some call that 'Karma'.

God says we reap what we sow. Then, because of this simple grace there is repentance and a chance to do over our own mistakes. With grace we get what God thinks we deserve.

That is ‘simple grace’ in a complex world.

We come clean with God and we turn up smelling like a rose. 

                   God has a lot of grace up His sleeve.