I went to my favorite places in Malibu California and found a great rescue for animals called Hope Ranch. The owner was looking for volunteers to help her with this massive property full of rescued animals and every Friday I can go-I’m there.


I love this place, these animals and the other volunteers. It is so much fun and I feel like-I ‘found myself’ here. It is not only incredibly beautiful we all love caring for these animals and especially dogs for me. Now the fact that I found a disabled dog I absolutely love is no mystery but what happened in rendering my services was really troubling.


You see the dog has no front legs. None, not even stubbs. He was overbred and born without them and holding a dog with no front legs is kind of like holding a fish-slippery. So, the day I picked him up in the absence of his ‘mommy’ (the owner and the only person he trusted thus far) and he did not want to be picked up and he squirmed out of my arms over my 5 foot 9 frame on to the hard ground…that was such a traumatic experience for us both and he never did forgive me. It occurred to me that that dog did not know that I was there to love on him that day. Not at all.

In fact, for an abused and neglected animal he got what he thought would happen-more abuse even though that was the opposite of my intentions. In fact, I was just one more harsh reality of his little slippery life. Swoosh-the dream of my love mattering was as gone as that dog’s trust for me vanished and they do remember.I said to God the other day, ‘I understand why people don’t want to serve you its too hard’!


Although I meant it at the time, there is  another side to being loved by God we often miss. After having a bad couple of days, I went to church that Sunday and had a revealing experience. An angelic voice was singing that day and although she mainly does worship, she was called to speak that day and she spoke about how that similar experience had happened to her…she was disappointed with serving God, until He encouraged her to let go completely and trust Him. Let go and trust You? So that is how it works best?


You mean there is more there than disappointment and hardship? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’! Can you imagine how God feels? Every time He finds a way to show us His Eternal love…swoosh we escape to the barren land of our own will or own way. That little dog, Groby is his name, taught me so much about my Fathers love that I may be missing. Groby does not know. 


He did not get injured in that fall and I did pray for him, but it was God who opened the door for his adoption into a very loving home where he will have a chance to have consistent care and heal from all of his soul wounds. Then, he will know the meaning of the word ‘trust’ others to love and care for you-imperfect, broken and all.


For a dog with no legs he was so lovable. We must be too...to God. I hope and pray the lesson from Groby will help us see our way to trusting in that love.