There are times to be strong. There are also times to sing songs, don’t we know about that. Those who are bright...Don’t have to be right, That's right. In fact we enjoy being wrong if it is right.

We know this bit of wisdom that does keep us tight. Sometimes you are not wrong, being wrong is right. You can either be right or you can be happy. There is nothing wrong with being right except when you have to be right. I have learned with much life experience behind me that ‘life’ is not so black and white. It is filled with grey. Grey is good. Grey is not a problem. I don’t have to have others either agree with me or think they are wrong when they don’t. Something is wrong with that thought. Being a better person and Christian gets easier the more I don’t judge others or push my agenda on someone else. The moment I think it is my job to make someone other than myself think my way…I lost my way. It is God’s job to change someone’s mind. He knows it is not possible to make someone think anything. He created free will for a reason. 


Having to be right means I alienate myself from others who don’t agree and I cut myself off from growth because I’m already right-right?  I saw the world from only my point of view. Try that with children and you will soon discover…it is so much easier to be free and fair. 


Who appointed me the expert on what is right or wrong? Acting out of pride is harmful especially when it has to do with my ego, then it also means I’m “edging God out”. 


Letting go of having to be right has more benefits…I have fewer confrontations, more friends, have no thoughts as to how to deal with the lack of peace which is setting the world on fire right now, and I am happier when I don’t have to be right. 


In fact I have had to learn to say to others with a gulp mind you… “you might be right,” because they have a right to their opinion. I can argue, judge, criticize, correct or I can accept our differences and be happy. 

Rebecca Tatum a strong when I’m wrong believer.